Covid Spring Booster Programme

The COVID Spring Booster programme will soon be live, and is scheduled to run from the end of April in line with guidance from NHSE. Appointments will be available during weekend sessions.

The vaccinations will take place at Badger Farm Surgery, SO22 4QB once more (as in Autumn 2023), and will run between the hours of 0800 and 1730 on Saturday and Sunday.  The programme will run for approximately 5 weeks.

The advice for this Spring is to offer the vaccine to those at high risk of serious disease and who are therefore most likely to benefit from vaccination. Throughout the pandemic, older people have been among those most likely to experience severe disease if infected by SARS-CoV-2. Existing data on hospital admissions in the UK is consistent with the clinical risk continuing to be higher in those aged 75 years and above, with the highest risk being in those aged 85 years and over

The JCVI advises the following groups be offered a COVID-19 booster vaccine this Spring:

  • adults aged 75 years and over
  • residents in a care home for older adults
  • individuals aged 6 months and over who are immunosuppressed (as defined in tables 3 or 4 in the COVID-19 chapter of the Green Book)

You will be invited for your vaccination in due course, but in the meantime

We kindly ask that you please do not call your surgery to book in, as all eligible persons will be invited by text,email,or telephone.