Why am I offered a phone call rather than a face to face appointment?

When you call the surgery you may be offered a telephone call with your GP or another member of our team (like an advance nurse practitioner, physio or pharmacist) rather than a face to face appointment.

While we are now offering the vast majority of our GP reviews in person we do still offer telephone appointments. This can be due to patient preference (you don’t need to sit in the waiting room, you can be at home, you could take the call at work etc) or because the issue doesn’t need a face to face consultation- for example a follow up to discuss blood test results following an in-person appointment.

Below I have attached a useful graphic about how to get the most out of your appointment.

And here is an interesting article in the Guardian published recently about some research which has come out about the safety of telephone consultations.


The reception team are trained to ask you a few questions about the issue you are calling about. This is to help the GP to decide how urgently you need to be seen. We do understand that it can feel strange discussing your health with a receptionist but please feel reassured that all our team have signed confidentiality agreements, they cannot discuss your health with anyone outside of the surgery and they are only asking because the GPs have trained them to do it. It can also feel frustrating having to explain the same issue a few times but it helps each person to guide you to the best care.